Inside Plot 37…

After a quick tour of the outside, this is part deux of the introduction to plot 37 – a look around the inside of our house.

You can see the video here on YouTube.

Because of the relatively small footprint and generous height restrictions, like our neighbours, we went with a 3 storey build. At the design stage, we were very keen to have an open living/dining space, with a separate space for watching TV/playing. We also wanted a nice study (with the hope of one day being in a position to work more from home!), but we still wanted all these spaces to be connected somehow.

So we’ve ended up with the study on the first floor looking into the dining space and TV spaces, which has given us some nice double height areas. We’re really pleased with how that’s worked out, and it allows lots of light to pass throughout the rooms.

The rooms in the rest of the house are fairly conventional, but some nice features that we wanted include a nice floor level window in Hugo’s room (perhaps great for sitting and reading??), and we’ve been able to arrange our master bedroom just how we wanted it, with a nice open dressing area. This will be a massive luxury for us – we’ve only ever lived in rented accommodation, and we’ve never been able to fit a wardrobe in the master bedroom!

We’re leaving the CLT walls, and steelwork exposed as far as possible, so it’s very much a timber aesthetic. One of our big jobs will be to treat the walls for spread of flame – we are looking at a product from Nordtreat for this, which will hopefully not affect the colour too much. It’s going to be a fun job…

Hope you enjoy looking around!

  1. Serena Chamberlain 5 years ago

    A great insight to your build 🙂 I hadn’t seen this one before…love the study area (great idea) and the tv room and Hugo’s huge window…and can appreciate your “must have” wardrobe/dressing room – that’s the beauty of all that we are doing – picking and choosing our most important life wishes – perfick!! xxx

    • Author
      Dean Scott 5 years ago

      Thanks Serena!
      I’ve recorded a couple of updates – just need to find 10 minutes to upload them 😀

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