We’ve Reserved a Plot at Graven Hill!

So after a year or so of keenly following the Graven Hill project and trying to get ourselves into a position where we could actually buy a plot – we’ve finally taken the first real step!

Yes, we’ve put pen to paper and reserved a plot for a 3 bedroom detached house in the first phase of the exciting new development!

Watch the video on YouTube

At the moment, all this means is that we’ve agreed to pay a reservation fee of £3000 to Graven Hill, and we now have to go ahead and progress our designs. Over a period of around 6-7 months we’ll be liaising closely with the team at Graven Hill to make sure everything stays on track, and if all goes to plan we’ll be exchanging the full contract early spring.

The plan at the moment will be for construction to begin in early 2018, but there’s a lot to do before that! But at least we can now say that the project can really begin!


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