The best resource you’ve not heard of

Hands down the best resource we’ve come across in all our time prepping for the self build (other than the GH community of course!) is the Build Hub forum.

It is full of self-builders from around the UK and sometimes further afield who have or are undertaking their own builds. It is a very active form given its membership size and very passionate too. There’s 100s of years of experience in each topic which you can contribute to, take on board or dismiss at leisure. Everyone is welcome.


We learn’t of SPONs, an invaluable price book to help negotiate with suppliers for realistic prices and improve the accuracy of our cost model.

We got assistance when our quantity surveyor doubled the estimated build cost: Costings Damage Control

We picked the MBC timber frame based on positive recommendations and feedback from there.

We identified and down selected window suppliers, rainwater systems, MVHR suppliers etc… from there.

We jumped on-board the SunAmp heat batteries band wagon where they use phase changing materials to store and discharge heat for hot water and heating, replacing the boiler entirely.

We have visited several other self-builder sites, allowing us to see the finished product from many of our chosen suppliers on site and get useful hints & tips on what to keep an eye on and avoid!


And much more. Can’t recommend it enough for those who are undertaking any DIY or Project Management!


Oliver & Laura

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  1. Serena Chamberlain 5 years ago

    Hello Both 🙂 this is a great review – I’ve just skipped over to the Build Hub Forum and taken a peek. It looks a great place to browse and learn, so I’ve saved it to my Favourite Bar….when I’ve got a little longer to read and soak up all the top tips and ideas (thank you for sharing). Ridiculously, I had never thought of visiting other self builder sites – expect my mind would explode with options and choices 😀 and I’m not known for making snappy decisions 😉 really pleased I dropped by tonight and had a look on here…thanks 🙂 xxx

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