Graven Hill Plot Registrations Set to Open for Local Residents

Eagerly Awaiting Plot Details…

If, like us, you’ve been eagerly awaiting a full release of the Graven Hill self build plot details, that wait should be over for Cherwell residents. The published documentation from Graven Hill, states that local reservations are open in May 2016. That’s now! Woohooo!

Erm, except we haven’t seen or heard anything Graven Hill. The website is unchanged, and as far as we know, there’s been no email updates. However, I’m grateful to an eagle-eyed follower of the blog (thanks Owen!), who told me about a very subtle change on the website, under the “When” section. No fanfare for this one – but the text certainly does seem to have changed, and now very coyly states that the first phase of plot sales are expected to open later this year.

The first phase of plot sales are expected to open later this year, with further phases released gradually over the next ten years

What Does This Mean?

They go on to say that the team is expanding and ready to open a marketing centre at Graven Hill this summer.

So, what does this mean? Well, it sounds like plots will not be available for reservation in May, despite earlier statements. So for those of us who have been working towards this ‘deadline’, it’s a bit of pain for a couple of reasons.

1. We’ve applied for a mortgage in principle, which has a time limit on it. For all we know plots won’t be available until the winter, in which case our mortgage offer may have lapsed. Who knows whether re-applying might affect our credit rating?

2. We’ve been buzzing around lately trying to get a plan together, speaking to architects, working to the deadline of May 1st. Speaking to architects and drawing up draft plans and budgets has a cost associated to it – we’ve spent money getting this together.

I appreciate that Graven Hill have a lot on their hands. But by giving us a date, in print, along with a list of requirements (budget, outline plans, finance etc), meant that we had no choice but to work to it. On top of this, we’ve been given the impression it will work on a first come, first served basis. So what else could we do other than work towards that?

I just hope that by the time registration opens, we haven’t been wasting our time, been priced out of the market, or missing out on other opportunities, or all of the above.

We’d love to know where we stand. We’ve tried contacting Graven Hill but there’s no response. Gosh that’s annoying!

In the meantime, we’ve started a Facebook group – it would be fun to get some discussion going and share any news and developments, so please come join us (it’s not much fun if it’s just Hannah and me!).

Cheers, Dean.


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