Build It Live Show in Bicester

We keep thinking that plots at Graven Hill will become available ‘soon’. It’s driving us slightly crazy, but on a soggy Sunday in June, we went to an old airfield in Bicester to see how soon.

The event was Built It Live Bicester – a show put on by Built It Magazine with a special guest appearance from Graven Hill. We took a bus tour around the site and had a chat with the sales director. Philip Singleton was also there (the Managing Director of Graven Hill) to outline his vision for the development.

The bottom line is, plots will start becoming available from the 22nd August. Initially this will be limited to 10 detached and some terrace plots around the entrance to the site. We’ll have to wait until then to get the prices.

There will be some form of early access for Cherwell residents, but it looks like this will just be a chance to talk to the sales team, rather than being able to actually reserve a plot early.


Build It Live
Graven Hill


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